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We plan to have 3 major releases every year, with intermediate minor releases adding functionality to the aforementioned major releases. We typically number our releases based on the following rule: x.y.z; here, x.y indicates a major release with a significant advancement in the software's capabilities (y increments from 0 through 9, before there is a rollover into x); z indicates improvements to the x.y release which is typically the result of bug fixes.

Release Metadata

Version 2.0.0
Checksum SHA-1 310c2429bb00ccfb12e7a8d2cbfd33dd544caf7c
  MD5 83ab4af73460363a405a23e8c79bdc81
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User's Guide
The documentation for the project is available as a PDF document. The documentation is a work-in-progress.


Planned Features
Granules will incorporate support for a distributed, fault-tolerant file system that is geared toward scientific applications.

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